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Monna Lisa


Are hair extensions damaging to my own hair?
With the Monna Lisa extensions systems your hair will be not damaged
because they do not use high temperatures neither techniques that are
damaging for the hair. However we recommend you to attend the Monna Lisa authorized professionals in order to have the right application of the extensions.

Do I have to use special cares for my hair extensions?
We recommend not using hot water neither too much hairdryer in order to avoid damage on the hair. Use Retro shampoo for damaged hair and Retro conditioner for a deep hydration. To keep the hair ends healthy and shining use Retro Treatment Infusion, a specific serum for damaged ends. You also have to wear your hair up when you go to sleep and do not go to bed with wet hair.

How long do the extensions last?
Between 3 and 4 months; it depends on the hair growth and on the extension maintenance.

How long has to be my hair in order to put extensions?
Between 10 and 15cm is the good length for optimal results.

How long the extensions are?
In Monna Lisa you can choose between 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60cm long

Is it possible to have same color of my own hair?
Yes it is. We offer you a wide range of colors and also the possibility to mix theme in order to obtain unique tonality.

Is it possible to dye the extensions and how can I do it?
Yes it is, but we recommend dyeing always from light color to dark color and not the opposite. You can dye it same way as your own hair. Remember that you only can dye natural hair extensions and not synthetic ones.

Can the extension be re-used?
Monna Lisa extensions are completely reusable.

How can you remove the extensions?
Monna Lisa extensions can be removed with a specific product that divides your own hair from the extension respecting the hair.

I have to attend a professional to put/remove extensions or can I do it by myself?
We recommend you to attend the Monna Lisa authorized professionals in order to have the right application of the extensions.

Are hairpieces made in natural hair?
All Monna Lisa hairpieces are synthetics except for our model Small Fall which is 50% natural hair and 50% synthetic. However we can make them as Custom orders and decide to use fiber or natural hair.

Can I dye Monna Lisa wigs and hairpieces?
No, you can’t because they are synthetic. You can dye only Monna Lisa natural hair wigs.

Which is the size of the wigs?
All Monna Lisa wigs have a standard circumference of 56cm. Every model has, in the back area, some elastic bands that you can use to adjust the wig. We also made Custom-made wigs, which are wigs made to measure.

How can I order Monna Lisa wigs?
You can contact us by phone +34 918473993 or by e-mail ventas-hd@drvsa.com

Do you make home delivery?
Yes of course, Monna Lisa deliver all over Spain and all over the world. Sending costs are in the care of the client.

Which is the delivery time?
In Spain 24/48h, out of Spain 4/8 working days